Sticky Notifications

Always show the current planetary hour on the status bar

Adds a sticky notification displaying the current planetary hour and the corresponding time interval to the status bar. It does not have to be audible; set that from the group below.

Always show the current moon phase on the status bar

Adds a sticky moon info display to the status bar. When enabled, the moon phase, planetary journey, and transits fall under this notification group (Android 7+).

Always show biorhythm cycles on the status bar

Adds a sticky biorhythms display of the user to the status bar. When enabled, tracked attributes are grouped under this notification (Android 7+).

Notice: Some devices may be set to show only one notification icon per app by the manufacturer. You can usually change this behavior from the system settings.

Periodic Notifications

Track congruence

Sends a notification at every planetary hour showing the current congruence of the default user.

Notify on time changes

Sends a vocal notification at every planetary hour.

Attribute tracking level

Allows you to set manual attribute tracking sensitivity. This only applies to the attributes you have manually selected to track from the fingerprint tab.

Transient Notifications

Track moon phase change

Sends a notification when the moon is considered in a new phase (out of 8 major phases). For example, moon days 13, 14, and 15 are commonly and roughly known as the Full Moon phase.

Track retrograde planets

Sends a notification when a planet either begins or ends its retrograde motion.

Track planetary journey through the zodiac signs

Sends a notification when the selected planet(s) enters a new zodiac sign.

Track planetary journey through the zodiac mansions

Sends a notification when the selected planet(s) enters a new zodiac mansion.

Track transits to radix

Sends a notification when a transiting planet either starts or stops aspecting the user's selected natal position.

Track overtaking attributes

Automatically tracks attributes (with the exception of Core and Esoteric groups) and compares them with the user's natal values, and notifies if there is a significant relative increase. These are shown along with the Overtaking keyword.

Track birthdays of phone contacts

Matches phone contacts with the names of people in your local profile database and sends a notification on their birthday following sunrise.

Calendar Integration

Prior Notice:

  • Make sure you have configured settings beforehand; such as the desired Zodiac System, and elevation enhancement.

  • Think twice before enabling any of the items. Since each option will cause the app to make calculations both ahead and behind the current date, it will take considerable time on initialization (in the background). And make sure you do not select too many to avoid overcrowding your calendar.

  • If you change your mind later on and disable any of the integrations, do not expect immediate results. Deleting too many calendar entries is known to cause bugs, so they are removed gradually. Just be patient.

Synchronize moon phase

Adds moon phase entries into the default calendar for the following six, starting with the two before (a total period of a month).

Synchronize retrograde planets

Adds the next retrograde condition (begin or end date) for the planets into the default calendar up to the next month, starting with the week before.

Synchronize planetary journey through the zodiac signs

Adds the next zodiac sign entry for the planets into the default calendar up to the next month, starting with the last entry if it is within a month.

Synchronize biorhythmic polarity

Adds the next polarity swap time for the biorhythms into the default calendar for the following three weeks, starting with the week before.

Synchronize biorhythmic trend

Adds the next trend change time for the biorhythms into the default calendar for the following three weeks, starting with the week before.

Synchronize sunrise/sunset

Adds sunrise/sunset times into the default calendar for the following three weeks, starting with the week before.

Synchronize birthdays of phone contacts

Matches phone contacts with the names of people in your local profile database, and adds birthday entries into the default calendar for the following three weeks, starting with the week before.

User Interface

Fetch and display photos of contacts

Matches phone contacts with the names of people in your local profile database and displays their photo (when available) instead of a dummy contact icon when available.

Show date and time controls on the profile selection window

Disable this if you would like to open up more space when viewing the profiles list.

Show quick selection arrows

Lets you enable/disable arrow buttons on profile selection and date/location selection buttons.

Show congruence bar at bottom

Adds a footer showing congruence of the selected user.

Enable swiping on buttons

Lets you enable/disable four-way swiping on profile selection and date/location selection buttons.

Enable clicking on tab icons

Lets you enable/disable direct tab navigation by clicking. You might want to disable this if you are having trouble with unintentional page changes.

App Language

Lets you switch to another supported language. Notice: Manually tracked attributes are set for the selected language only; you will need to enable tracking for each after you do the switch.

User Experience

Retain app state across sessions

Saves major temporary settings, such as the selected tab, profile, date, and location, so you can continue where you left off even after a device restart. Fingerprint settings are exempt from this setting, as they are treated as user preferences and are always saved.

Keep screen on while using the app

Prevents the screen from turning off while the app is in the foreground.

Never hide user profile

Shows the user profile among other profiles when browsing profiles under a certain tag.

Include contacts/app users/celebrities in profile suggestions

This is for the autocomplete feature when adding a new profile. If a profile's birth data exists on the server, their details will also be retrieved by clicking on their corresponding name, so you don't have to enter manually. The geolocation data still needs to be queried via Maps, which will be done after you click Save on the target profile.

Show regarding tasks on hour change

Any tasks you have added belonging to the current planetary hour will pop up at the entrance of that hour.

Replace moon age with Hijri day in moon phase notifications

Shows Hijri month/day instead of the moon age represented in days and hours alongside moon phase notifications.

Skip notifications and alerts during quiet hours

Allows you to define quiet hours when you won't be disturbed by this app. Periodic notifications are still sent, but they are mute. Alternatively and preferably, you can use your phone's settings, or install another app for having this functionality system-wide.

Modifications & Calibrations

Retrieve and apply elevation data into equations to improve precision

It is recommended to enable this for the local location at least unless you are residing very close (<50 m) to the sea level. As for a custom location, elevation data only has any meaning if the time you enter is exact to 5 minutes or so. Otherwise, you can usually get away with tweaking minutes instead until the information seems relevant.

Note: Querying elevation data uses geolocation credits.

Zodiac System

Switches between the tropical and sidereal zodiac to be displayed throughout the app. There is a 24 degrees (almost one zodiac sign) difference between the two systems currently. Tropical is merely selected by default to prevent "shows wrong zodiac sign" kind of reviews. App internally uses Sidereal corrected system for all attribute-related calculations, which requires further calculation after finding the Tropical position. However, because people are used to seeing the tropical sign, this is left as an option.

House System

Switches between different house systems to be used in calculations throughout the app. When unsure, select one of the first three.


Lets you select the max allowed offset from the true designated angle when calculating aspects and transits. The higher the value, the lower the precision; the lesser the value, the fewer conditions will hold true.

Apply natal normalization to congruence

This option makes the app take 'expected comfort level' and 'subjective response' into account when calculating congruence. Therefore, people with high natal congruence get a penalty, and people with low natal congruence get a boost. Disable to get raw and absolute congruence instead.

Presets & Corrections

You may use the buttons here to manipulate app data and fix potential problems yourself without needing any outside help. When taken hold, they are irreversible, so be careful. They are ordered in ascending order of gravity as separate segments (going from non-critical to critical).


Ignore battery optimizations and use punctual notifications

If you are experiencing notification-related issues out of nowhere, this may be the solution you need. It is a shortcut to the device settings for adding this app to the battery white-list. Note that enabling this won't make every single notification exact to the minute; that is not allowed by the Android operating system unless this is an alarm clock, which it is not. Instead, all notifications and alerts will be delivered in a 10-minute window; at the exact minute if possible (most of the time, considering all necessary permissions are granted). The only exception to this is the Android 5 series, where there isn't much you can do.

Enable insistent background service

This is an option intended for devices running a modified version of Android with aggressive battery and memory management strategies; such as Xiaomi. Although notifications may arrive, these devices may not like to keep notifications on the status bar and decide to cancel them after some time. This option overcomes that limitation by re-sending notifications periodically in a battery-efficient way, so that they may always look fresh to the OS. However, do not consider enabling this to simply fix a broken chain of notifications, it won't. For that, please refer to notifications troubleshooting section found on the main page.

One caveat with this solution is that it may visually distract you, for notification traffic increases, and current ordering on the status bar may change frequently.

When the battery is critical shutdown background service

Saves battery by disabling all notifications and alerts temporarily until the device recovers from the low power state (%15). After the device is charged, you may need to open up the app for the service to resume working.


Configure advanced notification settings

Android 8+ users control notification-related settings through channels in system settings.

Synchronize alerts with marks

Automatically adds alerts for marks present.

Vibrate on notifications and alerts

Allows you to toggle vibration for older Android devices.