2022.Q4 (Latest Release)

  • Android 13 support.

  • More transparent and flexible data collection preferences.

  • Integrated Appodeal Consent Manager for GDPR/CCPA; it is now possible to use the app without personalized ads if you prefer.

  • Elevated minimum Android version requirement to 5.

  • Misc. fixes and library updates.

Known Bug: There is the unintended behavior of not showing the current state of your data collection preferences. So, when you press the button they come clicked by default irrelevant of your current choices. But nevertheless your choices are recorded and respected when you press the OK button.


  • Misc. fixes, improvements and library updates.


  • Improved attribute calculations for various sections.

  • Misc. fixes, improvements and library updates.


  • Misc. fixes, improvements and library updates.

Notice: Dropped support for public profile listing and sharing on Android 4.4 in favor of better compatibility with the newer versions. It is getting harder and harder to support lower versions; please upgrade.


  • Behavior Change: Moved the Foundations section to the Core group.

  • Behavior Change: Adjusted the Dominating attribute property threshold and restricted the Opposed attribute property to the Relative View.

  • Enhancement: Improved the calculation of the Foundations section: Attributes are no longer derived from the elemental composition, but directly from individual zodiac sign values.

  • Enhancement: Rewritten attribute names and their respective descriptions for the Foundations section.

  • Enhancement: When any of the Compare With options are enabled together with Relative View, all respective pie charts are displayed, instead of just one.

  • Enhancement: Improved the positioning of the radar chart centroid. It is still inflated deliberately by 50% to emphasize differences between charts more clearly.

  • Enhancement: Support for using the app on devices without any geolocation capabilities.

  • Fixed an inconsistency with the scheduling of user-created alerts.

  • Library updates & Android 12 support.

  • Misc fixes & enhancements.


  • Bug fixes and misc improvements.


  • New Feature: Celestial Event Scanner: Upgraded moon scanner to cover a comprehensive list of planetary events, that are determined to the exact minute.

  • New Setting: Rounding mode for the seconds in a minute. The default has been the common mathematical rounding (half up).

  • Enhancement: Rewritten all planetary functions to use algorithms in parallel to the NASA Horizons (based on DE431) for maximum precision.

  • Enhancement: Added rise, set, transit times, and the super condition for the Moon.

  • Enhancement: Configurable shortcuts: Added settings for interactions with the date/location and profile selection buttons.

  • Enhancement: Color-coded aspects list based on bitterness for easier viewing:

    • Red ⇾ Major Negative (Opposition, Square)

    • Orange ⇾ Minor Negative (Sesqui-Quadrate, Semi-Square)

    • Yellow ⇾ Neutral (Quincunx)

    • Green ⇾ Minor Positive (Semi-Sextile)

    • Turquoise ⇾ Major Positive (Conjunction, Trine, Sextile)

  • Removal: Calculation offset value for Sun's rise/set times. Since the current accuracy is below 1 second, it is unnecessary. If you were using it to compensate for the DST difference, please set the currently valid timezone from the device settings instead.

  • Misc fixes & enhancements.


  • Added new options:

    • Never hide user profile - to be used on the profile selection window

    • Keep screen on

  • Added support for primitive zodiac house systems.

  • Improved basic attribute strength analysis.

  • Implemented a prominent location permission rationale dialog as required by the new Google Play policies, to be shown on the app's first run.

  • Behavior Change: From now on, Opposed attribute property is exclusive to Significant+

  • Fixed crashing on some Android 4.4 devices.

  • Fixed some alerts not getting triggered.

  • Android 4.4 users can use the public profile sharing again.

  • Misc fixes & enhancements.

Notice: 2020.Q3, the last release supporting the Android 4.2-4.3 series is no longer available for download from the Play Store.


  • New Feature: Calendar Integration for several cosmic events.

  • New Feature: Support for displaying zodiac positions, aspects and transits which cover all classical planets and cardinal houses.

  • New Feature: Retrograde planet notifications.

  • New Feature: Transit notifications for all classical planets.

  • New Feature: Zodiac sign change notifications for all classical planets.

  • New Feature: Zodiac mansion change notifications for all classical planets.

  • New Feature: Updated sticky moon phase notification to show aspects from all classical planets.

  • New Feature: Setting for the aspects' orb.

  • New Feature: Setting for the house system.

  • New Feature: Presets for entrusting the user more control over the app.

  • New Feature: Added an option for redelivering all notifications continuously (in a power-efficient way) to be used in devices with aggressive battery management.

  • Enhancement: Extended charts to cover all core sections.

  • Enhancement: Significantly improved zodiac sign degree accuracy up to ±0.05°. Note: This may cause changes in attributes/skills valuation in some instances.

  • Enhancement: Significantly improved Colors calculation and its derivatives (many). Also adjusted the main calculation logic. Notice: This will cause changes in attributes/skills valuation.

  • Enhancement: Reworked calculation of Odd-Even, Tolerance Mechanisms, Primal Activities, Major Arcana sections.

  • Enhancement: Expanded on Elements and Colors attribute names.

  • Enhancement: Rewritten Colors attribute descriptions.

  • Enhancement: From now on, the moon and the planetary data tab is going to keep refreshing when it is NOW.

  • Enhancement: From now on, return to current conditions button present in the date-time/location window has an additional state just like the one in the profile selection window. Second state comes in handy for selecting natal options.

  • Enhancement: Standardized notifications' order.

  • Behavior Change: Hide Average Values fingerprint option no longer applies to the Core section group.

  • Behavior Change: Opposed (sword clash) attribute condition is now specific to the Relative View.

  • Behavior Change: Disabled similarity search on low-end devices to improve performance.

  • Fix: For additional language resolution issues.

  • Fix: For duplicate notifications or notifications cancelling each other in rare cases.

  • Many misc. improvements & fixes.

Notice: As of this release, the minimum supported OS version is Android 4.4. The previous release will be kept for download on the Play Store for some time for the minority still using the 4.2-4.3 series.

Reminder: You need a font supporting Unicode 6+ set as default to display advanced astrological symbols. Currently supported devices are supposed to have this by default as mentioned here, but they don't. Android 6+ consumer devices usually satisfy this requirement on factory settings. If not, you will have to install the font yourself.

Follow-up fixes some unwanted behavior and crashing on rare occasions.


  • Enhancement: Added optional ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission request for Android 10+ devices.

    • So when you move around, the app can access the updated location info without user interaction.

    • Even with this permission, the app won't make a new location request in the background to save battery (see App Behavior). This is just for allowing the app to make use of your updated location (when requested by other apps, like Maps), so notifications can be set for the right time.

    • You should choose "Allow all the time" when presented the location permission dialog after a new installation.

    • Background location updates have already been working for Android 9- devices. No changes necessary there.

    • Android 10+ users who are updating to this version may need to manually open up Settings > Apps list and update this app's location permission accordingly.

  • Enhancement: Implemented in-app language setting, and intelligent multi-language detection with fallback mechanism.

  • Enhancement: Toggling Ignore Battery Optimizations in-app setting will now open up Autostart menu on most non-stock Android ROMs.

  • Enhancement: When querying a custom location, the app will now always consult the local profile db first to save credits and time.

  • Enhancement: Cleaned up duplicate strings and switched to the app bundle deployment to save device space.

  • Enhancement: Dropped FTP and set default profile sharing protocol to WebDAV for better transfer security and reliability. Notice: Personal profile sharing on the public database is no longer possible on Android 4.4- devices as a consequence.

  • Enhancement: Improved stability & some UI elements.

  • Fix: For extra, duplicate notifications when an alert is added.

  • Fix: For some alerts getting skipped.

  • Adjustment: Renamed "Houses of the Zodiac" to simply "Zodiac" for disambiguation.

Follow-up (2299) fixes crashing/freezing on some devices, language fallback issues and minor bugs.


  • New Feature: Attribute Searching

  • Enhancement: Implemented a section control panel for the fingerprint tab in order to replace sticky section headers.

  • Enhancement: Zodiac Characteristics v2.

    • Major Difference: Version 1 tried to match the number of qualities per level that resulted in some zodiac signs looking relatively bad. Version 2 has more freedom in that matter, which also draws attention to peculiarities and the uneven distribution of features.

    • More distinct segmentation. Replaced color-coding with icons intended to symbolize grades; exalted, favorable, neutral, undesirable, vile.

    • Cleaned up synonymous and near-synonymous words.

  • Enhancement: Moon Event Seeker is now faster and more precise.

  • Enhancement: Attribute Calculation Adjustments -> "Primal Energies"

  • Enhancement: Reversed tab placement for the RTL orientation.

  • Enhancement: Various improvements and misc bug fixes.

  • Fix: For altitude update failure notification spam.

  • Fix: For finding the previous moon event.

  • Fix: For displaying wrong hijrah date between sunset and midnight.


  • New Feature: "Moon Event Scanner" which lets you find and go to a specific event.

  • New Attributes Section: "Involvement Mechanisms"

  • Enhancement: Added "Mark as Read" button to transient notifications, so there is no more need to open app for that.

  • Enhancement: Fixed not receiving any notifications in certain system configurations when running the app on Android 8.0+.

  • Enhancement: Android 7.0 devices now correctly display a spinner style birth data entry (as opposed to a calendar).

  • Enhancement: Brought floating button fingerprint settings to Android 4.x series.

  • Enhancement: Variation in skills from natal values is now indicated by color when it is significant.

  • Enhancement: When there is no "polarity reversal" currently, biorhythm notification checks for "trend reversal" and notifies that instead.

  • Enhancement: More accurate Firdaria calculation.

  • Enhancement: Improved profiles database suggestion system.

  • Enhancement: Improved Prominent Sections distinguishment.

  • Enhancement: Ensured DST check when browsing dates for HERE.

  • Enhancement: Long touching on a firdaria period interpretation will copy it to the device clipboard.

  • Enhancement: Swapped moon tab position with attributes to group together profile dependent (attributes, firdaria) and independent (settings, daily schedule, moon) tabs for the sake of contextual suitability. Although this may cause some disturbance for users accustomed to the current order at first, I hope it will serve better in the long run.

  • Enhancement: Some performance improvement, corrections and bug fixes.

  • Balancing: More realistic Skills calculation.

  • Balancing: Capped zodiac attributes' positive and negative bonus values.

  • Balancing: Factored in current age for attribute related calculations.

  • Balancing: Improved day/night factor.

Quick follow-up (2267) fixes crashing on Android 10 devices. One caveat though: Sticky section headers (used in the fingerprint tab) are no longer supported due to Android's latest restriction policies. Will look for an alternative way to achieve the same functionality in future versions.


  • New Feature: Swap Sides - used to swap the selected profile with the one in comparison.

  • New Feature: Ability to adjust date by 100 year intervals when adding a new profile.

  • Enhancement: Extended minimum date to 1 AD.

  • Several fine adjustments to calculations.

  • Misc bug fixes and various improvements.


  • Enhancement: Added current day of the week to the top of daily times schedule.

  • Fixed a problem concerning the online profile DB system.

  • Fixed a date change bug concerning the Time Machine feature when going between midnight-sunrise times.

  • Improved "Vark Personalities" calculation (regarding Auditory-Visual).

  • Improved congruence and compatibility calculations.

  • Slightly increased geographic differentiation for profiles.


  • Added extended descriptions for the Zodiac Houses section.

  • New Feature: Ranking of profiles based on an attribute at selected settings.

  • Enhancement: When there are no credits left, app will attempt to fill the manual input dialog by querying saved profiles for the same location descriptor.

  • Enhancement: Adjusted day/night bonus in non-natal mode.

  • Enhancement: Nerfed skills bonus from congruence.

  • Misc bug fixes & improvements.


  • Reworked quick date/time selection mechanism for easier navigation.

  • Fixed random crashing on certain devices.

  • Some bug fixes & improvements on app behavior.

Known Bug: Manual attribute tracking doesn't work.

Known Bug: App opens up with previously selected custom location when Retain App State option is enabled.

Known Bug. Sometimes newly added profiles disappear from the local db.


  • Rewritten zodiac houses section.

  • Added new attribute sections: Likelihood - Insistence, Nature - Nurture, Health - Time.

  • Behavior Change: Attributes tab is now in blue when personalization is disabled.

  • Behavior Change: Specifying custom altitude data will override altitude setting for the current location.

  • Behavior Change: Profile selection dialog will open in natal mode by default when already selected profile is #deceased.

  • Behavior Change: Exporting profiles by tag now works inclusively. Previously it wouldn't let you export profiles under a certain tag if they belonged also to another group. From now on, it takes the union of the selected tags.

  • Behavior Change: If you proceed to import a single profile, the app will select and show it to you as a convenience after the operation is complete.

  • Enhancement: Made swipe response on buttons optional.

  • Balancing: Improved attribute calculations for the sections: Theory - Application, Work - Fun, Control - Acceptance, Jung.

  • Balancing: Slightly improved Reach and Mobility skill calculations.

  • Identified and fixed a problem sometimes causing app to get confused at day transition, 24th to 1st hour.

  • Misc improvements & bug fixes.

Known Bug: There is a problem with the Professions & Interests section valuation.


  • As of this version:

    • App can be left open indefinitely (on a tablet/PC) and it is going to keep working as one would expect.

    • App can be run in split-screen/multi-window mode.

    • Countdown clocks are:

      • In violet, when the current setting is Here & Now.

      • In green, when not Here, but Now.

      • In black, when not Now.

  • Implemented Pie Chart for the Relative View setting. Only the main chart is drawn and any active natal/profile comparisons are skipped. Low value signs are skipped to create more space for the significant ones.

  • New attribute section: "Control - Acceptance".

  • Renamed "Primal Motivators" to "Motivation" and moved down to the respective section group.

  • Renamed "Varied" type attribute notifications to "Overtaking".

  • Behavior Change: Natal/Live toggle for the profile selection will no longer restore scroll position, but focus on selected profile instead.

  • Behavior Change: When selected together with the Daily Average View option, Compare with Natal will no longer display a comparison with the natal day average; but a comparison of the exact natal instance with the daily average of the selected date/time/location.

  • Behavior Change: Reversed top-down swiping mechanism on the buttons.

  • Added section type filtering to the fingerprint settings.

  • Removed volume override setting for alerts.

  • Several layout changes and organization.

  • Valuation adjustments: intensity, abstraction-specification, theory-application, matter-sense, skills, congruence, compatibility.

  • Fixed miscalculation of the Firdaria period when the selected profile birth time is unknown and set as night.

  • Fixed a problem causing new Firdaria period notification spam in some instances.

  • Better responsiveness.

  • Misc bug fixes & improvements.


  • New attribute sections: "Vark Personalities" (from learning styles/models), "Primal Responses".

  • 12H clock format support.

  • To provide more space, reduce unnecessary data clutter and improve smoothness, biorhythms panel is now only shown when viewing the selected profile in live mode.

  • Behavior change: From now on biorhythm notification warns about the polarity reversal instead of the min/max point breach.

  • Balancing: In an attempt to increase the frequency of Varied notifications, adjusted automatic attribute tracking threshold value and included some of the omitted sections again.

  • Balancing: Mild improvements in attribute and skill calculations.

  • Balancing: Further decreased the effectiveness of natal normalization option.

  • Major changes in code structure (some improvement in performance and planetary clock accuracy).

  • UI adjustments.

  • Bug fixes & various improvements.


  • Bug fixes & some improvements.


  • Implemented chart transformations.

  • Implemented profile duplication capability. Saves time when you have to estimate birth time from doubtful or imprecise info.

  • New attribute section: "DISC Personalities".

  • From now on:

    • Date/time controls on the profile selection window can be hidden.

    • Arrow controls on buttons can be removed.

    • Touch/click actions on tab icons can be disabled to prevent misclicks when setting profile or date/location.

    • Retain app state option saves and restores last displayed tab also.

    • Profile auto-suggest is smoother and more intelligent.

  • Changes in section naming:

    • Foundations -> Primal Foundations

    • Hemispheres -> Primal Sites

    • Quadrants -> Primal Directions

    • Function -> Primal Intentions

    • Tarot Archetypes -> Tarot: Major Arcana

  • Some changes in section ordering.

  • Decreased memory footprint.

  • Improved performance.

  • Several bug fixes, optimizations & improvements.

Known Problem: Profile sharing dialog doesn't respect selected tags; all profiles are shared instead.

Known Problem: If you are getting "Invalid file selected!" error while trying to import a profile list, try using a different share client; Gmail as opposed to Whatsapp.

Known Problem: When checking on a custom location at NOW, if there is an official day difference between current and destination location, app fails.


  • Implemented profile importing. Opening the .ptpl (Planetary Times Profile List) file with this app is going to take you to the import window.

  • New fingerprint features for the chart:

    • Plot Area of Intersection

    • Plot Center of Mass

  • Several adjustments to automatic attribute tracking for displaying only the most vital and related info.

    • Removed Dramatic type notifications.

    • Removed sections with only two attributes.

    • Restricted to uptrend, so it always monitors 'what is up'.

  • Hide Average Values option no longer cancels out the drawn chart.

  • Halved natal normalization factor for congruence; the impact of this setting is lessened.

  • Significant performance improvement.

  • Updated Android SDK and libraries in use.

  • Bug fixes & misc improvements.


  • Very significant performance improvement.

  • Better compatibility with some devices.

  • Fix for some random crashing.

  • Misc improvements.

Known Bug: Make sure you press SELECT after saving a new profile or it may get lost.


  • Profile tags added in the previous version has created an incentive for people to build up a larger local database. Since manually adding all profiles again to another device is somewhat cumbersome, implemented profile list sharing in this version.

    • Sharing/exporting profile list is completely free; do it as much as you want. Not just share, but also backup frequently for yourself.

    • Importing profiles will cost geolocation credits proportional to the number of profiles added after the operation (at the minimum rate of 1 credit). This feature is postponed to a future release.

  • Added #casual tag as an option to show associated profiles at the end of the list when the sorting mode is alphanumerical (the default). This basically is the opposite of #favorites.

  • Added #hidden tag as an option to hide associated profiles unless this tag is selected deliberately. It is a way to isolate a selection of profiles from the rest.

  • Balancing:

    • Several improvements to zodiac houses attribute valuation. Depending on the profile, they may add up to something big. This will affect all attribute sections, and consequently elemental configuration, skill points, congruence and compatibility scores.

    • Completely revised Tarot Archetypes calculation. This will also affect its derivatives: Primal Roles, Primal Faculties, Opportunity-Necessity, Odd-Even, Function.

    • Improved skills calculation by factoring in more attributes.

    • Decreased the range of OPPOSED for attribute standing analysis.

  • Behavior Change: Opening up fingerprint settings now clears temporary configuration set after opening up the app from an attribute notification.

  • Convenience: Long touching on date arrow controls will set the date one week forward or backward to the same day.

  • Improved Arabic UI and reversed arrow button logic when the device language is Arabic.

  • Misc fixes & improvements.

Known Problem: Sluggish profile selection.


  • Implemented date-time controls inside the profile selection window.

    • It appears only when natal option is turned off and location is set to HERE.

    • Minute options are "00" and "30". App intelligently finds and seeks to the following planetary time if it exists. Otherwise, sets time to NOW if it is in selected range, or to the exact selected time if not.

  • Implemented sorting of profiles by compatibility and congruence (in descending order).

  • Implemented tag filtering for profiles. You can select up to six tags per profile. Additionally:

    • #deceased have a blackish tint, and do not show up in live/actual mode.

    • #favorites have a blueish tint, and they are pinned to the top (below the user profile) when the sorting mode is alphanumerical (the default).

    • Use #friends, #family, #vicinity, #community, #team and #workplace tags to define your type of relationship with this person.

    • Use #acquaintances, #celebrities or #unknown tags to define your level of knowledge about this person.

    • Use #global, #local or both tags together to define your place/way/medium of engagement with this person.

  • Behavior Change: Made "always show" type notifications appear again on the status bar for Android 7+ users. Previously (after 12.2018 update) you had to pull down the single bundled notification entry to see them. Now if you have them enabled, you may have up to 3 icons showing up. Turned this into an opportunity and organized notifications into different sets:

    • Under moon phase icon: sun sign tracking, moon sign tracking, moon phase tracking, transits tracking.

    • Under biorhythms icon: manual and automatic attributes tracking.

    • Under planetary hour icon: everything else.

  • Further optimized DST checks to save geolocation credits.

  • Performance & UI improvements.

  • Some minor bug fixes.


  • New Feature: Dodecagon spider web chart view in Zodiac Houses section of fingerprint tab. Appears at first row when Relative View is disabled. This is basically a graphical representation of the selected profile; a true fingerprint.

  • Behavior Change: From now on, fingerprint tab always shows natal info in gray (including section highlights and chart color) to avoid confusion. Therefore, when you see gray highlight you will instantly know natal only option is currently enabled. Previously it was only showing natal data in gray when current/actual value was also present with it.

  • Behavior Change: From now on, the app switches to online geolocation service when local location discovery fails on the first run. Previously it was closing up with a warning, just like a crash. This removes the need for having a working GPS to use this app and will also help people having issues.

  • Naming Change: Highlight Changes -> Compare With Natal.

  • Some fixes & enhancements.


  • This is a quick follow-up to the previous version containing various adjustments and fixes.

  • Some additional changes:

    • Lowered and normalized notification audio volume.

    • Boosted congruence value as it was a little pessimistic.

    • From now on, "Highlight Changes" and "Natal View" options in fingerprint settings cancel each other out to avoid confusion.

Known Bug: Here & Now selects tomorrow's schedule after midnight. Temporary fix/workaround: Either 1) Long click on the date/location button to reset, or 2) Use arrow buttons next to that button to set correct date.


  • IMPORTANT: Set Android API target to Oreo as required by the Google Play store. This is a major change (not necessarily an improvement) in how the app behaves and below are the consequences:

    • The first time you open up the app it will ask for the ACCESS LOCATION permission if you haven't granted it already. You should comply as the app relies on your location data to function properly.

    • As of Android 6+, notifications are not delivered at the exact time to save battery. If you would like to white-list the app and exempt it from battery optimizations, added an option inside app settings for that: "Use punctual notifications." However, it is not advised to turn this on if you are currently satisfied with the timing of notification delivery.

    • CONTACTS permission (and any additional future permission) is now optional for devices running Android 6+. Although not required, CONTACTS permission is still needed for the auto-suggest feature when adding profiles, tracking contacts' birthdays and displaying their photos in the profile selection window. You may need to re-enable these features manually inside the app if you are using Android 6+. If you are upgrading from a very early version due to the addition of contacts permission requirement in later versions, a clean install is highly recommended due to cumulative changes over time.

    • In-app vibration setting has been removed from Android 8+ devices as it is ineffective. 8+ users control the vibration setting of notifications using the app manager in device settings and selecting the app from the list there.

    • Should not concern you: For Android 8+ devices, notifications are now run in channels and because notification channels do not allow dynamically changing properties (such as audio source) once they are set, planetary hour notifications are mute by default and corresponding audio file has to be played manually alongside each notification (all done behind the scenes).

  • Implemented basic/broad/common skill-set ranking (calculated from a combination of attributes) to be shown on profile selection:

      • Hammer: attack/strength/force/impact

      • Shield: defense/resistance/negation/survival

      • Body balance: agility/acrobacy/mobility/swiftness

      • Archery range: focus/attention to detail/reach/perfection

      • Atlas - man holding the world: endurance/stamina/tolerance/vitality

      • Handshake: diplomacy/negotiation/temperance/balancing

      • Horseshoe: luck/ease of mind/effortlessness/delicacy

      • Open book: literacy/learning/thinking/sophistication

  • Added elemental configuration display to currently selected profile shown on the profile selection. You may see one or two icons here relevant to the person. A non-colored, grayed out icon means just the opposite; deficiency in the shown element.

        • Flame: fire

        • Tornado: air

        • Droplet: water

        • Leaf: earth

        • Yin-Yang: balanced

  • Compatibility indicator is now in teal in the case of perfect compatibility.

  • Switching to natal/live no longer resets scroll position when using the profile selection window.

  • Changed code to use internal storage only and removed the EXTERNAL STORAGE permission.

  • Removed unnecessary geolocation lookups when editing a profile name, changing profile gender or setting the default profile.

  • Further improved attribute, compatibility, congruence calculations and adjusted proportions.

  • Reworked alert mechanism.

  • Added new attribute section: "Primal Motivators".

  • Added new options in settings:

    • Apply natal normalization to congruence (deems natal value of the target person as average and adds the difference). [Enabled by default as of this version]

    • Altitude calculation: For Local Location Only, For Local & Specified Location.

    • Fetch and display photos of contacts.

    • Include contacts in profile autocomplete.

    • Use punctual notifications.

  • Several optimizations and fixes.


  • IMPORTANT fix: For receiving null timezone, altitude and sometimes location itself due to a change in google geolocation service. "All Google Maps Platform API requests must include an API key; we no longer support keyless (meaning free) access."

    • Good news: Lookups are a lot faster and reliable now.

    • Bad news: These online lookups are now costly and there will be no more free lookups I am afraid. You will be able to to buy credits for a small fee or enter data manually.

    • And to minimize lookups in order to save user credits:

      • Include altitude in calculations setting is now off by default. This had a minor effect on calculation anyways. If you enable this, make sure you are descriptive enough, as elevation varies significantly even inside the same city.

      • Android's internal (free) geocoder is preferred over Google's geocoding service; app will only switch to paid service if it fails. However, this only applies to latitude and longitude; time zone and altitude still need to be queried.

      • Optimized code to prevent unnecessary API requests.

    • Consecutive Purchase Bonus: If you use geolocation service a lot and keep buying credits, you will be given 50% bonus credits.

  • Fixed a problem regarding ad removal purchases (app was acting as if purchase didn't ever happen for some users).

  • Added Natal Aspects info to moon tab.

  • New tracking options:

    • Track moon sign change

    • Track sun sign change

    • Track planetary transits (restricted to sun and moon only)

    • Track birthdays of phone contacts

  • Added new attribute sections: "Primal Benefactions", "Majesty-Grace", "Intensity", "Dynamism", "Realization", "Connection", "Dependence".

  • Added some functionalities for convenience. From now on:

    • Notification about a tracked event will keep coming on each planetary hour change until you click on the notification itself (in case it is not seen). In the case of multiple events, clicking on any will mark all as read.

    • Profile selection is two-step; first touch on an entry to set current profile and see details, touch again on the same entry or press back button to close the selection window. You could also long press on an entry to select it directly as before.

    • Long clicking on the date/location selection button will reset app to current date and location as a shortcut.

    • Long clicking on the profile selection button will reset profile to default as a shortcut.

    • Long clicking on the left arrow to the left side of the profile selection button will seek to the first profile in alphabetical order.

    • Long clicking on the right arrow to the right side of the profile selection button will seek to the last profile in alphabetical order.

  • Replaced congruence notification text with congruence percent.

  • Slightly increased the effectiveness of the planetary hour in attribute calculations.

  • Some adjustments to "Opportunity - Necessity" calculation.

  • Improved overall app responsiveness.

  • Misc bug fixes and enhancements.

Known Bug: Shared user profiles disappear after some time.

Known Bug: Alerts may not work.


  • (might be) IMPORTANT: Removed "Traits" section. Although appealing to most, this was a hit and miss section, which can be inaccurate compared to other sections. There is now enough material to examine and derive information from.

  • (might be) IMPORTANT: Removed compatibility bar from fingerprint tab to open up space. Replaced it with a live/natal switch added to the profile selection window for easy and convenient viewing of natal congruence and compatibility. As a consequence, profile selection window now shows compatibility between the currently selected profile (not the default) and the target profile.

  • Selected profile in the profile selection window is now highlighted in green as it is important now, since compatibility gauge is not relative to the default profile anymore.

  • Default profile now has a fixed position (the first) in the profile selection window.

  • Added new attribute sections: "Opportunity - Necessity", "Primal Axes", "Primal Foci", "Theory - Application", "Work - Fun", "Numbers" (as in numerology).

  • Implemented the basic in-section attribute analysis and represented them with icons:

    • Ribbon: Somewhat relevant

    • Throne: Domineering

    • Pointy Sword: Excessive

    • Laurel Crown: Leading

    • Tiera: Significant

    • Sword Clash: Opposed

    • Stuck Sword: Vain

    • Broken Sword: Deficient

  • Added highlight prominent sections option to fingerprint settings. It helps identify (in violet) sections with a domineering attribute. Additionally, when using this setting:

    • Compare with option now emphasizes (in green) sections with a different domineering attribute (compared to the other person).

    • Highlight changes option now emphasizes sections (in gray) with a different domineering attribute (compared to natal).

  • Implemented extra precision for attribute calculations:

    • Added consideration for zodiac sign boundaries (previously rounded).

    • Added support for duads and dwads (12th harmonic).

    • Switched from arithmetic mean to geometric mean.

    • Further attribute balances due to these. Sorry about the changes in attribute calculations throughout versions. After observing and comparing various people for some time, it took me a lot of tries to get it right. I am satisfied with the results I get in this particular version, and hopefully, this concludes the balance updates.

    • Congruence and compatibility are now much more accurate thanks to these changes.

  • Removed some sections from automatic attribute tracking due to notification spam: Zodiac houses, Jung personalities, colors, elements, function, major/minor arcana, numbers. Additionally, adjusted thresholds and conditions for the rest to ensure only the most relevant and vital info is delivered using this setting. Feel free to enable manual tracking for those you need.

    • Considering notifications generated now are a lot less, decided to set default setting of automatic attribute tracking to enabled.

  • Changed default setting of relative view to disabled (there is little use for this setting now, considering basic analysis is implemented and there are two helpful options: highlight prominent sections, hide average values).

  • Added symbols to zodiac houses. You will need to re-enable manual tracking if you were tracking any.

  • Valuation adjustments to "Jung Personalities", "Primal Energies" sections.

  • Some other various fixes and adjustments.


  • Dedicated to attribute balances.

  • Added new attribute sections: "Primal Roles", "Command Mechanisms", "Confrontation Mechanisms", "Tolerance Mechanisms", "Saturation".

  • Changed names and positions of some attribute sections:

    • Mind - Body - Spirit -> Primal Faculties

    • Modality -> Movement Mechanisms

    • Reasoning -> Reasoning Mechanisms

  • Got rid of the definitive article "the" in tarot names to fit more text. If you were manually tracking any, you need to enable tracking again on each.

  • Added an alternative (slower-male-reverse structure) English notification sound for planetary hour changes.

  • Fixed some bugs

Known Bug: Switching to a temporary location at "Now" that results in a planetary day change is buggy; specify target date and (local) time for that location instead.


  • Dedicated to bug fixes.

  • Added hourly compatibility display (between default profile and other profiles) to profile selection for the selected date/time and location.

    • This feature assumes viewed person and default user are at the same (selected) place or nearby at the selected time. This limitation will later be lifted to enable phone/messaging compatibility when support for "current whereabouts" (custom/fixed location) field for each profile entry is added. Same is true for congruence/mood icon below profile pictures.

  • Added new attributes section: "Management Mechanisms".

  • Limited DOZE bypass from "always notify" type notifications to "always notify hourly changes" (figured there is no need for non-auditory ones to update when device is not in use).

  • From now on clicking on an attribute notification will temporarily reset fingerprint settings (to live-personalization) prior to display.

  • Slightly adjusted elements section calculation and its derivatives.

  • Implemented consent dialog to be shown to EU users as required by the GDPR. For those who do not know, this is just a consent given to view personalized ads based on your interests. It is nothing new. If you change your mind later on and want to revoke consent afterwards, you need to either buy ad removal or uninstall the app, as app won't work otherwise.

  • Removed an-ad-a-day feature (due to low ad inventory).

  • Changed default hijri calculation method to prediction for conformity with other sources (to prevent confusion).

  • Various adjustments.

06.2018.2 follow-up fixes profile compatibility and attribute calculation bugs.


  • Improved overall app responsiveness

  • Fixed a timezone inaccuracy when viewing a remote location's daily schedule on real-time

  • Implemented automatic DOZE mode bypass when quiet hours are not-in-effect/disabled for:

    • "Always notify" type notifications

    • Planetary alerts set by the user

    • Notice: You may still need to whitelist the app and exempt it from battery saving for highest precision and certainty. Have a look at Remarks & Troubleshooting on how to do that. You could also do the reverse if you wanted to. So if your device is remaining idle (with no incoming calls/messages/emails) regularly for hours, disable "always notify" notifications for increased battery life.

  • Set priority, category and visibility values for all notification types, so system can arrange them accordingly

  • Added new attributes section: "Abstraction - Specification"

  • Fixed a slight inaccuracy with moon age/illumination

  • Sorted out remaining bugs from previous version

  • Various fixes & improvements

Known Bug: There seems to be a calculation problem at the very end of DST time.

Known Bug: Swiping up/down on date selection button or using the time machine feature causes UTC time to display (instead of local time), but calculation carries out correctly.

Known Bug: Appearently recent changes messed up moon age calculation again by adding GMT offset twice.


  • From now on app state is preserved across sessions (if you would like the old behavior back, uncheck it in app settings; opening the app by clicking on a notification also resets time/date and user to defaults temporarily)

  • Added arrow buttons for moving on to the next/previous date/user immediately (as an alternative to swiping)

  • Fixed an inaccuracy with moon phase/sign due to timezone difference

  • Fixed an issue causing app data occasionally getting deleted on some devices (if it still happens please report)

  • Fixed an issue causing an-ad-a-day feature to malfunction

  • Decreased penalty for having opposite Jungian base qualities

  • Various fixes & improvements

Known Bug: Occasional display of wrong planetary schedule. Quick fix before update is to either select date as "now" again as you enter app or disable "retain app state" in app settings.


  • Added four-way swipe capability to hour/date and user configuration buttons. Swipe on them for switching to next and previous day/hour/user immediately

  • Added phone contacts as suggestions to profile creation

  • Added A-Z fast scroll to profile selection

  • Further increased the significance of gender in attribute calculations

  • Slightly lowered automatic attribute notification threshold

  • Faster profile suggestions when typing a new profile name

  • Fixed grouping of notifications

  • Various fixes & improvements


  • Revamped "User Selection Window" to show profile picture, congruence value and biorhythms data for each user. This change has the following implications:

    • READ_CONTACTS permission is now required for querying profile picture from phone contacts by profile name (automatic)

    • Biorhythms display has been removed from the app header to save space

    • Notice: Shown congruence values are for the selected date/time and location. If some contacts are residing elsewhere, location should be set accordingly (from the button labeled "Here & Now") to show true congruence values for them

  • Added descriptions to attribute notifications (pull-down to show)

  • Added new attributes section: Primal Activities (Love, Light, Power) [very important/useful metric]

  • Smoother profile suggestions; optimized algorithm

  • Slightly increased the significance of gender in attribute calculations

  • Slightly changed "minor arcana" and "jung personalities" calculation

  • More accurate Odd-Even calculation

  • More relevant automatic attribute tracking

  • Improved congruence/compatibility precision

  • Included decans in formula for a more detailed fingerprint calculation in general

  • Notification icon workaround for Xiaomi devices (requires root)

  • Removed pollfish survey platform (rewarded videos are still in place for an-ad-a-day feature)

  • Various fixes & improvements


  • Added "daily average view" setting to fingerprint options

  • Added new section to attributes: Inception - Technique

  • New setting to show hijri day in moon phase notifications

  • Increased the weight of moon sign in attribute calculations

  • Various fixes & improvements


  • Added new attributes sections: "Carl Jung's Personalities", "Minor Arcana", "Coping Mechanisms", "Action Mechanisms"

  • Added "expand/collapse all", "always show pictures" functionalities to attribute sections

  • Added easy profile removal

  • You can now hide congruence bar to save UI space

  • Background service won't run anymore if you choose to disable notifications.

  • Further decreased memory footprint

  • Several fixes, adjustments, optimizations & enhancements

Developed exclusively since 2017

First release in 2013